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Picture of a modern, new construction, farmhouse home in eastern colorado springs

New Construction ? Why You Need Your Own Rea...

Mar 30, 2018
The ability to build your own custom dream home is irresistible sometimes. Especially in Colorado Springs where new [more]
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Condo Vs. Townhouse – What’s The...

Feb 06, 2018
Recently we published a post on the pros and cons of living in a condominium, townhouse, or other small space for t [more]
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10 ways to have buyers flee your home

10 Ways To Have Buyers Flee your Home

Jan 15, 2018
The real estate world is full of horror stories of bad home showings. Sometimes day-to-day habits that seem normal [more]
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About Discount realtor websites

Discount Real Estate Websites – How mu...

Jan 08, 2018
Most people are aware that, for the most part, real estate commissions for Realtors® can be negotiated and vary in [more]
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Selling High-Performance Homes

Selling High Performance Homes

May 15, 2017
What is a High Performance Home (HPH)? They used to be called High Efficiency homes. Many people don’t really under [more]
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10 Terms that realtors should know

High Performance Homes: 10 Acronyms to Know

May 10, 2017
Looking for a high performance home (high efficiency home)? When you are getting started researching high performan [more]
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The Do's and Don'ts of House Hunting

House Hunting Do’s and Don’ts

Mar 30, 2017
House hunting can be absolutely thrilling! It is so exciting to experience a new place and a fresh start. Our excit [more]
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Your home, staged well

Your Home, Staged Well

Mar 20, 2017
With a robust housing market in Colorado and around the nation, several folks are jumping on the bandwagon by selli [more]
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Adding a spouse to a home title

Adding A Spouse or Child To Your Home Title

Mar 11, 2017
Before we start a few words: 1. This is for informational purposes only. I am not offering legal advice. Seek out t [more]
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Ten reasons and tips for buying a duplex

Ten Reasons and Tips For Buying A Duplex

Feb 14, 2017
Investing in real estate is usually a great way to increase wealth and generate passive income. Yet I would bet mos [more]
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Can I afford a 15 year mortgage?

Can I Afford a 15-Year Mortgage?

Jan 21, 2017
There is more to buying a home than just picking out what neighborhood you want to live in or the number of bedroom [more]
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universal design home

Universal Design Homes

Oct 29, 2016
What do you look for when purchasing a home? Perhaps it’s an open floor plan, an upgraded kitchen, or a large [more]
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