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Utilities in Colorado Springs graphic

Set Up Utilities

Dec 16, 2019
It’s crucial to make phone calls for your utilities long before your closing. Have your gas, electricity, water and [more]
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environmental hazards

Environmental Hazards To Colorado Homes

Jul 25, 2016
Common environmental hazards to homes are an important topic for anyone looking to purchase. Some may be unfamiliar [more]
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Home Issues In Colorado

Common Issues With Houses in Colorado

Jul 08, 2016
As a real estate agent, I have seen several issues with homes, but some stand out as more common than others or ten [more]
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Home Inventory List

Home Inventory: Protecting Your Home Content...

Apr 21, 2016
Last week’s Emergency Preparedness article is the first step to what Colorado may have in store for you when [more]
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rotect yourself from hackers

Safeguard Your Money Against Hackers When Bu...

Jul 25, 2014
Hackers find always new and innovative ways to take our privacy and with that our money. Fraud attempts have been f [more]
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title insurance explained

Title Insurance Explained

Jun 10, 2014
Title Insurance Explained Before I became interested in real estate, I was exasperated when we sold -or purchased a [more]
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Real Estate title information

How do you own your home? or What’s ti...

Oct 08, 2013
Most people have heard of “title” in regards to a home purchase or sale, however, it’s harder to [more]
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Colorado’s Environmental Hazards ̵...

Jul 10, 2013
Colorado has a rich history with gold and silver mining in the past centuries and oil drilling, coal mining in this and the last century.These activities have had tremendous impact on the environment. [more]
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Radon Zones in Colorado -Map

Do You Have Radon In Your Home?

Apr 22, 2013
Depending where you live, you might have never heard of Radon in the home before. Radon can be found in all 50 stat [more]
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Security for your home

32 Ways To Improve Home Safety {printable ch...

Sep 18, 2012
Download the complete “Preventing Accidents” checklist Home Safety – little things can make a big [more]
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