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Category: Moving Tips

Utilities in Colorado Springs graphic

Set Up Utilities – Electricity, Water,...

Dec 16, 2019
It’s crucial to make phone calls for your utilities long before your closing. Have your gas, electricity, water and [more]
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Picture of packed boxes and various things to be packed captioned with Hire movers & pack

Hire Movers and Pack

Dec 16, 2019
Our team consists of several military spouses so we have in-depth knowledge of what a challenge it can be to move. [more]
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Picture of plants, a notebook with a pen captioned with Moving Expenses

Planning for Moving Expenses

May 28, 2019
Your to do list grows at an alarming rate when you’re in the process of moving. Finding a new place to live, a new [more]
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Graphic captioned with Career on the Move

Guest Post: Tips for Finding a Job in a New ...

May 06, 2019
This is a guest post from Jaime Chapman. She is the CEO of Begin Within, a career services firm. Make a Plan The de [more]
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A large stack of moving boxes folded vertically captioned with Nothing Gets Left Behind on Moving Day

Things You Might Forget On Moving Day

Apr 28, 2018
Moving Day: It’s so exciting, yet it also can leave you feeling discombobulated from all the details that nee [more]
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17 facts about moving in the US chart

17 Facts About Moving In The US

Feb 15, 2014
Did you know that we have a 5th season in Colorado Springs? It’s moving season. Most folks move here or away [more]
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Picture of people boarding airplane on a stair walkway captioned with permissive TDY for house hunting PCS Guide

PCSing to Colorado Springs: House Hunting Wi...

Mar 13, 2013
You have received your PCS orders to Colorado Springs! Depending on your service branch and your designation you wi [more]
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Picture of a woman booping a cat on the nose while the cat is sitting in a moving box captioned with Moving by yourself

Moving By Yourself To/Out Of Colorado Spring...

Mar 05, 2013
Moving your family is always a huge undertaking and doing it all by yourself seems even more daunting. While I don& [more]
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Picture of two cheerleaders goofing around at Cheyenne mountain high school

Leaving A School District – (free prin...

Feb 07, 2013
There are so many moving pieces when you are getting ready to relocate, having a good plan on a timeline will keep [more]
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Moving survival tips graphic

Moving Survival Tips

Feb 02, 2013
Are you ready to move (or PCS if you’re in the military) to Colorado Springs or are you on your way out? If y [more]
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Picture of an open book captioned with tips for school changes

Finding A New School For Your Student –...

Jan 24, 2013
How do you find a new school for your student and what can you do before you arrive at your new location? If you ar [more]
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Picture of lots of paper thrown to the bottom of the staircase after people have moved into their home after unpacking

Impact of Moving on a Teen

Feb 26, 2012
Moving is one of the top 10 stressors in a person’s life. Did you know that? Well, everyone knows that moving [more]
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