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Colorado homestead exemption program

Homestead Exemption in Colorado

Jan 01, 2019
When I hear the word “homestead”, I think of early settlers running across the Midwest plains and looki [more]
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Save on your 2017 taxes

Last Minute 2017 Tax Tips

Dec 30, 2017
  New tax changes have been announced all over the media. What does this mean for you? Wilklow and Associates [more]
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Homeowner Tax deductions

Homeowner Tax Deductions

Jan 04, 2017
As we ring in a New Year, in addition to the excitement of new opportunities, it can also signal that time when we [more]
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11 Tax Tips for 2015

11 Tax Tips To Help You Save $$ Before The Y...

Dec 18, 2015
Need Tax Tips to save $$? As REALTORS® we are proficient at selling real estate. We are not necessarily the best at [more]
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A 1031 Exchange Will Grow Your Real Estate I...

Nov 09, 2015
Maybe you have heard of a 1031 Exchange and then thought that this “program” is only something for rich [more]
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Reduce Property Taxes

8 Ways To Reduce Your Property Taxes

May 05, 2014
Are you ready to reduce your property taxes? County boards everywhere are looking for ways to replace lost income–r [more]
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Home Deductions Taxes 2013

Home Tax Benefits 2013 – Get the [Tax]...

Jan 18, 2014
What You Should Know About Your Home and Your 2013 Taxes It’s the last year for three sweet home tax benefits, but [more]
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tax on a short sale

A Short Sale Might Be Considered Income

Dec 03, 2012
If you consider selling your home for less than what is owed on the mortgage, then you have probably had the ‘ [more]
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