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Picture of an older Hispanic woman sitting in a field captioned with Homestead exemption program

Homestead Exemption in Colorado

May 17, 2024
When I hear the word “homestead”, I think of early settlers traveling across the Midwest plains and loo [more]
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Picture of a gray, white & black decorated living room captioned with Homeowner tax deductions

Homeowner Tax Deductions

Jan 04, 2017
As we ring in a New Year, in addition to the excitement of new opportunities, it can also signal that time when we [more]
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Picture of plants sprouting out of the ground captioned with grow your money 1031 exchange without capital gains tax for your investments!

How a 1031 Exchange Can Grow Your Real Estat...

Nov 09, 2015
Maybe you have heard of a 1031 Exchange and then thought that this “program” is only something for rich [more]
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2013 Home Tax Deductions

Home Tax Benefits 2013 – Get the [Tax]...

Jan 18, 2014
What You Should Know About Your Home and Your 2013 Taxes It’s the last year for three sweet home tax benefits, but [more]
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The word Tax in blue with black cartoon scissors behind the word

A Short Sale Might Be Considered Income

Dec 03, 2012
If you consider selling your home for less than what is owed on the mortgage, then you have probably had the ‘ [more]
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