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Picture of a cloudy sky with mountain and trees captioned with If you haven't thought of it yet 2015 11 tax tips do it now

11 Tax Tips To Help You Save $$ Before The Y...

Dec 18, 2015
Need Tax Tips to save $$? As REALTORS® we are proficient at selling real estate. We are not necessarily the best at [more]
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Picture of plants sprouting out of the ground captioned with grow your money 1031 exchange without capital gains tax for your investments!

A 1031 Exchange Will Grow Your Real Estate I...

Nov 09, 2015
Maybe you have heard of a 1031 Exchange and then thought that this “program” is only something for rich [more]
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Picture of a jar full of money captioned with down payment assistance house

Down Payment Assistance: Way To Homeownershi...

Jun 08, 2015
Do you know about Down Payment Assistance? Do you occasionally dream of the old First Time Home Buyers Incentive of [more]
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Picture of a rocky green & brown hilltop with hilltops, mountains and a cloudy blue sky in the background captioned with 10 rules: Successfully close on your home loan

10 Commandments For Successfully Closing You...

Feb 05, 2015
A few rules to observe while you are waiting to close on your home – you might be aware of all or most of all [more]
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Caption "8 Ways to Reduce your Property Taxes" with Monopoly houses and a five dollar bill in the background

8 Ways To Reduce Your Property Taxes

May 05, 2014
Are you ready to reduce your property taxes? County boards everywhere are looking for ways to replace lost income–r [more]
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Picture of the US flag morphing into a $100 bill

Some US-Economic Facts

Feb 01, 2014
Did you know? LESS THAN INFLATION – Average hourly earnings of American workers have increased +1.9% per year for t [more]
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2013 Home Tax Deductions

Home Tax Benefits 2013 – Get the [Tax]...

Jan 18, 2014
What You Should Know About Your Home and Your 2013 Taxes It’s the last year for three sweet home tax benefits, but [more]
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Man with glasses, blue shirt, red tie with stair stepped arrow pointing up over city backdrop

Interest Rates – How Much House Can Yo...

Sep 05, 2013
Interest rates are increasing – if you are looking to purchase a home, I am sure you have noticed. New report [more]
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Picture of peeling paint on siding on a home

When The Appraiser Has An Issue {finance}

Apr 03, 2013
Michael Bolton is a good friend of mine and a experienced appraiser. When I asked him about FHA appraisals and that [more]
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FHA changes the rules

FHA loans get more expensive — FOREVER...

Mar 23, 2013
FHA  loans have been the go-to loan for years: Low down-payment requirement, interest rates were generally pretty l [more]
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El Paso County Colorado logo captioned with El Paso offers 4% down payment assistant

El Paso County Pays Your Closing Cost/Down P...

Mar 10, 2013
EL PASO COUNTY TURNKEY PROGRAM GRANT $$ – NO REPAYMENT With the recent sequestration still in all our minds, [more]
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Picture of a black dog with snow on her snout sitting in snow

What Do These Acronyms Stand For?

Jan 03, 2013
People tend to love acronyms!  For one they are so much easier to remember than the long descriptions they stand fo [more]
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