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graphic image captioned with Guest Post: Choosing a Lender

Choosing a Lender

Sep 24, 2021
  Choosing a lender can be an overwhelming process but it’s a vital step on your way to becoming a homeowner. [more]
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Picture of a white patio area with lots of plants captioned with down payment assistance

Down Payment Assistance: Not Just for First-...

Sep 04, 2020
When the housing market took a major hit in 2008-2009, many families lost their homes and returned to renting or li [more]
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Picture of a laptop with a cell phone and drink next to it with a man in the background captioned with Mortgages for small business owners

[Updated 2019] Mortgages For Small Business ...

Feb 04, 2019
Being self-employed or a small business owner is a wonderful blessing with many benefits. Being able to pursue a dr [more]
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A blue sky with clouds in front of a blue & white glass building, a hand is circling the word approved with a bright green highlighter captioned with Congrats! Your home loan is approved!

See if you are ready to buy a home!

May 10, 2018
Are you ready to buy a home? Some people start with just browsing homes online. They see what’s available -or [more]
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Picture of a man holding a roll of money captioned with Can I afford a 15-year mortgage?

Can I Afford a 15-Year Mortgage?

Jan 21, 2017
There is more to buying a home than just picking out what neighborhood you want to live in or the number of bedroom [more]
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Picture of street with businesses on ground floor, dwellings above in a major city captioned with co-borrower, non-occupying loan kiddie condos

Buying a House For Your College Student: Kid...

Nov 14, 2016
Being able to purchase and own a home is very exciting, and one of the significant aspects of the mortgage industry [more]
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Picture of a jar full of money captioned with down payment assistance house

Down Payment Assistance: Way To Homeownershi...

Jun 08, 2015
Do you know about Down Payment Assistance? Do you occasionally dream of the old First Time Home Buyers Incentive of [more]
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Picture of a rocky green & brown hilltop with hilltops, mountains and a cloudy blue sky in the background captioned with 10 rules: Successfully close on your home loan

10 Commandments For Successfully Closing You...

Feb 05, 2015
A few rules to observe while you are waiting to close on your home – you might be aware of all or most of all [more]
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Man with glasses, blue shirt, red tie with stair stepped arrow pointing up over city backdrop

Interest Rates – How Much House Can Yo...

Sep 05, 2013
Interest rates are increasing – if you are looking to purchase a home, I am sure you have noticed. New report [more]
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Picture of peeling paint on siding on a home

When The Appraiser Has An Issue {finance}

Apr 03, 2013
Michael Bolton is a good friend of mine and a experienced appraiser. When I asked him about FHA appraisals and that [more]
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FHA changes the rules

FHA loans get more expensive — FOREVER...

Mar 23, 2013
FHA  loans have been the go-to loan for years: Low down-payment requirement, interest rates were generally pretty l [more]
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El Paso County Colorado logo captioned with El Paso offers 4% down payment assistant

El Paso County Pays Your Closing Cost/Down P...

Mar 10, 2013
EL PASO COUNTY TURNKEY PROGRAM GRANT $$ – NO REPAYMENT With the recent sequestration still in all our minds, [more]
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