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graphic image captioned with Guest Post: Choosing a Lender

Choosing a Lender

Sep 24, 2021
  Choosing a lender can be an overwhelming process but it’s a vital step on your way to becoming a homeowner. [more]
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Picture of a white patio area with lots of plants captioned with down payment assistance

Down Payment Assistance: Not Just for First-...

Sep 04, 2020
When the housing market took a major hit in 2008-2009, many families lost their homes and returned to renting or li [more]
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Picture of a laptop with a cell phone and drink next to it with a man in the background captioned with Mortgages for small business owners

[Updated 2019] Mortgages For Small Business ...

Feb 04, 2019
Being self-employed or a small business owner is a wonderful blessing with many benefits. Being able to pursue a dr [more]
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A blue sky with clouds in front of a blue & white glass building, a hand is circling the word approved with a bright green highlighter captioned with Congrats! Your home loan is approved!

See if you are ready to buy a home!

May 10, 2018
Are you ready to buy a home? Some people start with just browsing homes online. They see what’s available -or [more]
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Picture of a man holding a roll of money captioned with Can I afford a 15-year mortgage?

Can I Afford a 15-Year Mortgage?

Jan 21, 2017
There is more to buying a home than just picking out what neighborhood you want to live in or the number of bedroom [more]
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Picture of street with businesses on ground floor, dwellings above in a major city captioned with co-borrower, non-occupying loan kiddie condos

Buying a House For Your College Student: Kid...

Nov 14, 2016
Being able to purchase and own a home is very exciting, and one of the significant aspects of the mortgage industry [more]
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Picture of a jar full of money captioned with down payment assistance house

Down Payment Assistance: Way To Homeownershi...

Jun 08, 2015
Do you know about Down Payment Assistance? Do you occasionally dream of the old First Time Home Buyers Incentive of [more]
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Picture of a rocky green & brown hilltop with hilltops, mountains and a cloudy blue sky in the background captioned with 10 rules: Successfully close on your home loan

10 Tips to Successfully Close Your Home Loan

Feb 05, 2015
A few rules to observe while you are waiting to close on your home – you might be aware of all or most of all [more]
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Picture of peeling paint on siding on a home

When The Appraiser Has An Issue {finance}

Apr 03, 2013
Michael Bolton is a good friend of mine and a experienced appraiser. When I asked him about FHA appraisals and that [more]
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El Paso County Colorado logo captioned with El Paso offers 4% down payment assistant

El Paso County Pays Your Closing Cost/Down P...

Mar 10, 2013
EL PASO COUNTY TURNKEY PROGRAM GRANT $$ – NO REPAYMENT With the recent sequestration still in all our minds, [more]
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Picture of a black dog with snow on her snout sitting in snow

What Do These Acronyms Stand For?

Jan 03, 2013
People tend to love acronyms!  For one they are so much easier to remember than the long descriptions they stand fo [more]
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Pennies in rolls

New Short Sale FHA Guidelines Encouraging

Dec 10, 2012
Starting November 1st, 2012 new guidelines went in effect for homeowners wanting to short sale their home that is f [more]
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