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Picture of a rocky green & brown hilltop with hilltops, mountains and a cloudy blue sky in the background captioned with 10 rules: Successfully close on your home loan

10 Commandments For Successfully Closing You...

Feb 05, 2015
A few rules to observe while you are waiting to close on your home – you might be aware of all or most of all [more]
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Picture of the US & military flags being carried by military honor guard members

Do You Qualify For a VA Compromise Sale?

Feb 15, 2012
There are several programs out there to [try] and help homeowners to stay in their homes or, be able to move on. Se [more]
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PCS Orders Considered A Hardship

Feb 12, 2012
If you have received PCS orders and own your house, there is a chance that you are not able to sell your home equal to  what you owe on it and renting it out might not be a possibility for you either. [more]
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