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Picture of Pikes Peak captioned with finally open, Pikes Peak south slope

Pikes Peak South Slope Recreation Area ̵...

May 15, 2015
South Slope Recreation area opens to the public It came a surprise to me that the South Slope of Pikes Peak wasn [more]
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Complete Guide to Climbing Pikes Peak

The Complete Guide To Climbing Pikes Peak

Jul 10, 2014
One of the greatest thrills we have living in Colorado Springs is access to the peaks and trails of the Front Range [more]
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Mountain Biking Colorado Lifestyle

Biking – Colorado Way of Life

Jun 30, 2014
Biking – Colorado Way Of Life It takes ample amounts of black top, singletrack, sunshine and friendly people [more]
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Top 10 Easy Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs

Top 10 Easy Hiking Trails in Colorado Spring...

May 25, 2014
Top 10 Easy Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs Colorado Springs is one of the greenest cities in the nation! Why not [more]
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PIcture of a woman snowshoeing in Mueller State Park

State Parks Close To Home Offer Snow Fun

Jan 07, 2014
Do you feel adventurous but don’t want to drive for a long time? Discover Mueller State Park. Mueller State Park 21 [more]
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snowshoe gear captioned with easy adventure snowshoeing

Snowshoeing Is An Easy Adventure!

Jan 05, 2014
Snowshoeing – easy adventure In my previous post I have told you about Colorado Springs’ Parks where yo [more]
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Picture of a man with snowshoes on in the mountains captioned with snowshoeing close to home, gateway to adventure Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Parks Provide Lots of Winte...

Jan 05, 2014
Today the snow is falling heavily in Colorado Springs.  While this makes me want to just curl up on the couch with [more]
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Cheyenne Mountain State Park Visitor Center

Cheyenne Mountain State Park – Adventu...

Sep 07, 2013
Cheyenne Mountain State Park is one of the crown jewels of Colorado Springs. It is nestled in the looming shadow of [more]
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Picture of a woman standing on a mountain top captioned with Bike Pikes Peak

You Can Bike Americas Mountain Pikes Peak

Jan 07, 2013
Bike Pikes Peak! You can hike it.  You can drive it.  You used to be able to take a train. Now there is now one mor [more]
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Picture of a woman wearing knee pads and holding a biking helmet with face visor

Off Roading in Colorado: Poker Run near Seda...

Oct 10, 2012
This weekend my husband and I participated in the Rampart Range  Poker Run. First of all: What’s a Poker Run? [more]
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A family tubing down the river reacting to the very cold water

Escaping Colorado Springs Heat:Tubing At Tar...

Aug 03, 2012
Update 2018!! I went up to this Tarryall location about 3 weeks ago and had a blast: Water levels were pretty low, [more]
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Picture of a couple riding the sky ride in Royal Gorge Park, Canyon City, CO

Day Trip Royal Gorge Park in Canyon City, CO

Jun 04, 2012
It’s been almost exactly a year that I took my family out to the Royal Gorge Bridge Park. “Back then [more]
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