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Picture of Garden of the Gods captioned with Colorado Springs in a day

Colorado Springs Sight Seeing In A Day

Jun 13, 2013
Every once in awhile I have visitors just traveling through town, staying with us over night and wanting to take in [more]
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Picture of branches in a stream captioned with What you didn't know about water in Colorado

What You Don’t Know About Water in Col...

Apr 15, 2013
Colorado is a very dry state, we don’t get a lot of precipitation. We also have very low humidity, resulting in the [more]
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Picture of a woman standing on a mountain top captioned with Bike Pikes Peak

You Can Bike Americas Mountain Pikes Peak

Jan 07, 2013
Bike Pikes Peak! You can hike it.  You can drive it.  You used to be able to take a train. Now there is now one mor [more]
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frozen grass

Tips to Prepare and Care for Your Yard in th...

Dec 10, 2012
When should I winter fertilize my lawn in Colorado? Plan to apply your winter fertilization in the fall after the f [more]
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Two women walking through Aspen trees on a hike

More Colorado Springs Altitude Effects

Oct 12, 2012
Since a large part of Colorado is on more than 4,000 feet you will feel effects of high altitude living some of whi [more]
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Picture of Cheyenne Mountain from Stratton Open Spaces in Colorado Springs

Stratton Open Spaces and the Chutes in SW Co...

Mar 21, 2012
 The sun was shining brightly and warmly this morning and after the chili past few days we thought it would be the [more]
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Graph of climate data for Colorado Springs airport 1981-2010 normals

Colorado Weather: If you don’t like it...

Feb 23, 2012
Whether you live in the Colorado mountains, on the Colorado eastern plains, the Colorado western slope, or in south [more]
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