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high country gardening

How To Start Gardening High Country

Apr 29, 2016
High Country Gardening Living in the High Country has it’s beauty – and it’s challenges, especial [more]
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Mountain Biking Colorado Lifestyle

Biking – Colorado Way of Life

Jun 30, 2014
Biking – Colorado Way Of Life It takes ample amounts of black top, singletrack, sunshine and friendly people [more]
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Top 10 Easy Hikes in Colorado Springs

Top 10 Easy Hiking Trails in Colorado Spring...

May 25, 2014
Top 10 Easy Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs Colorado Springs is one of the greenest cities in the nation! Why not [more]
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Snowshoeing in Mueller State Park

State Parks Close To Home Offer Snow Fun

Jan 07, 2014
Do you feel adventurous but don’t want to drive for a long time? Discover Mueller State Park. Mueller State Park 21 [more]
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snowshoe gear and how to

Snowshoeing Is An Easy Adventure!

Jan 05, 2014
Snowshoeing – easy adventure In my previous post I have told you about Colorado Springs’ Parks where yo [more]
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Fall Colors Colorado scenic byways

Scenic Drives to See Fall Foliage Colors

Oct 03, 2013
The waters are receding and Colorado Springs is starting to dry out. Time to start enjoying Colorado’s beauty [more]
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Cheyenne Mountain State Park visitor Center

Cheyenne Mountain State Park – Adventu...

Sep 07, 2013
Nestled in the looming shadow of the mountain it’s named after lies Cheyenne Mountain State park,  one of the [more]
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orado Springs in a DAy

Colorado Springs Sight Seeing In A Day

Jun 13, 2013
Every once in awhile I have visitors just traveling through town, staying with us over night and wanting to take in [more]
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Colorado Water Rules Law

What You Don’t Know About Water in Col...

Apr 15, 2013
Colorado is a very dry state, we don’t get a lot of precipitation. We also have very low humidity, resulting in the [more]
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Bike Pikes Peak Colorado Springs

You Can Bike Americas Mountain Pikes Peak

Jan 07, 2013
Bike Pikes Peak! You can hike it.  You can drive it.  You used to be able to take a train. Now there is now one mor [more]
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Colorado springs wintercare for yards

Winter Time Yardcare in Colorado Springs

Dec 10, 2012
Though landscape plants are dormant and brown in winter, they need to be watered periodically. By winter watering, [more]
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More Colorado Springs Altitude Effects

Oct 12, 2012
Since a large part of Colorado is on more than 4,000 feet you will feel effects of high altitude living some of whi [more]
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