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Colorado Springs Area Water companies graphic

Colorado Springs Water Companies in and arou...

Oct 28, 2013
Colorado Springs Water The City of Colorado Springs is mainly served by the Colorado Springs Utilities company.  Th [more]
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sustainability groups and resources in COlorado Springs

Colorado Springs’ Sustainable Resource...

Oct 17, 2013
Undoubtedly, Colorado Springs is a very green city. It’s is green by it’s parks, trail system and open [more]
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How Much Are Colorado Springs Hospitals Char...

Aug 27, 2013
How much are Colorado Springs hospitals charging you? Nerdwallet lets you compare procedures within one particular [more]
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Registering Your Vehicle In Colorado Springs

Aug 23, 2013
Colorado law requires that motor vehicle  registration be obtained upon residency.  Our team at Colorado Springs Real Estate Group often sees clients moving from another state struggle with this proce [more]
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Should we get rid of grass?

Should We Get Rid of Our Lawns?

Jul 03, 2013
By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon Published: May 8, 2013 We are in a drought and we are on strict water restriction, which I c [more]
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orado Springs in a DAy

Colorado Springs Sight Seeing In A Day

Jun 13, 2013
Every once in awhile I have visitors just traveling through town, staying with us over night and wanting to take in [more]
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colorado Springs Visitor Center 2013

FREE Colorado Springs Visitor Guide 2017 ...

May 13, 2013
Whether you only visit Colorado Springs or you actually move here, going by the Colorado Springs Visitor Center dow [more]
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Getting To Know El Paso County

Apr 29, 2013
Here is some general data about El Paso County  (via google) Area: 2,130 sq miles (5,517 km²) Founded: 1861 County seat: Colorado Springs Population: 636,963 (2011) Unemployment rate: 8.8% (Dec 2012) [more]
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colorado springs flood risk map

Free Sandbags Available To Colorado Springs ...

Mar 19, 2013
Colorado Springs Residents fearing flash floods due to the Waldo Canyon burn scar can pick up free sand bags at sel [more]
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cheyenne mountain at night, colorado springs

Living in Colorado Springs – Know This...

Mar 04, 2013
I have mentioned several times that Colorado Springs is a high altitude town, making it among other things an ideal [more]
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Replace your shower heads for free

Replace Your Shower Heads For Free

Feb 27, 2013
It’s Fix A Leak Week at Colorado Springs Utilities! Did you know that an American home can waste, on average, [more]
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Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Olympic Center – ...

Feb 25, 2013
In Colorado Springs you can find one of three US national Olympic Training centers. I have managed to live in Color [more]
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