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photo of woman in a beanie looking at mountain landscape with "Colorado Springs Cost of Living" caption

Is the Cost of Living in Colorado Springs Hi...

Feb 28, 2024
Colorado Springs has received national exposure as one of the best places to live, and this is one of the many reas [more]
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picture of two kids on a sled in the snow

Sledding in Colorado Springs

Dec 05, 2022
  When it’s snowing in Colorado Springs, kids and grownups put their snow gear on and head outside for some wi [more]
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image of Christmas decorations, garland and star confetti captioned with Colorado Gift Guide

2021 Colorado Springs Gift Guide

Nov 01, 2021
  Every year we curate a list of locally sourced gift ideas to highlight small businesses and help you with yo [more]
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Picture of an older couple jogging, captioned with Active Lifestyle Communities

Active Lifestyle Communities in Colorado Spr...

Oct 19, 2020
In the past few years, Colorado has become a popular retirement destination for seniors. Our team has noticed many [more]
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Best Museums & Art Galleries in Colorad...

Nov 10, 2017
For coverage on a wide variety of niche topics, Colorado Springs has you covered.  Some of the most famous exhibiti [more]
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Best Kept Secrets for New Colorado Springs&#...

Jun 20, 2017
Congratulations! Colorado Springs is an exciting, lively place to begin your homeownership adventure! With its rece [more]
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How The Wildfire Catches Your House

Apr 29, 2015
    In a previous blogpost I described fire ratings and fire fuels. While all this seems ‘dry theory’ it’s all good to know so that you can evaluate better what needs to be [more]
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Colorado [Urban] Wildfires – What you ...

Mar 29, 2015
It has been already nearly 3 years since the last [urban] wildfire in Colorado Springs. This one really shocked Col [more]
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