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Graphic of Colorado Springs real estate trends

Post-COVID Real Estate Trends in Colorado Sp...

Jul 09, 2020
As we navigate life with COVID-19, we are learning how to shift our habits to protect ourselves, our loved ones, an [more]
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graphic of Colorado Springs real estate stats in June 2020

How is the Colorado Springs Market Doing? Ju...

Jul 08, 2020
It’s hard to believe that it’s already July. This year is one for the books in so many ways. Everyone is busy and a [more]
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Graphic of real estate stats for May 2020

Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs – R...

Jun 12, 2020
I love diving into the numbers when it comes to the Colorado Springs real estate market. My team scours through MLS [more]
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Picture of rocks and a juniper bush with a half moon in the blue sky

The 4 Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

Jun 04, 2020
With a population of over 465,000 people, the Colorado Springs metro area is one of the most populous cities in Col [more]
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Graphic with "Is Colorado Springs Safe" caption

Is Colorado Springs Safe?

May 20, 2020
  “Where are the safe neighborhoods?” That’s the first thing most people want to know when they begin research [more]
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graphic of Colorado Springs Real Estate market April 2020 statistics

Is it a Bear (Real Estate) Market or All Bul...

May 11, 2020
I am absolutely astonished that the Colorado Springs real estate market has held steady (and even strong by most me [more]
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Home Selling wrapping up caption

Home Selling: Wrapping Up

Apr 23, 2020
  Congratulations: you sold your home!  Here are some important things to keep in mind after closing. Store yo [more]
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Home selling clear to close

Home Selling: Clear to Close

Apr 23, 2020
“Clear to close” means the underwriter has reviewed all documents and determined that all requirements [more]
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home selling closing day caption

Home Selling: Closing Day

Apr 20, 2020
FINALLY! It’s closing day and you are almost done. We’ve provided some tips to make this last step go as smoothly a [more]
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picture of people mopping a floor with "home selling: clean the house" caption

Home Selling: Clean House

Apr 20, 2020
Your home is required to be in broom clean condition during the final walkthrough. It is standard practice for the [more]
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cancel or transfer your homeowners insurance

Home Selling: Cancel or Transfer Your Homeow...

Apr 20, 2020
You’re almost there! Call your insurance company and either cancel your insurance or transfer it to your new [more]
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home selling final walk through

Home Selling: Final Walk Through

Apr 20, 2020
The final walk through is not something sellers necessarily need to be anxious about. The final walk through is NOT [more]
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