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A Bathtub Can Be Your Little Piece of Heaven

Posted by Susanna Haynie on January 28, 2015
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bathtub featureAs I strolled through this year’s Parade of Homes in Colorado Springs – I was surprised that more new construction builders have omitted the bathtub in the master bathroom. Personally, I don’t really use our bathtub that much. But I am in heaven for those 4 or 5 times a year that I do take advantage of it. I just cannot imagine being without it.

If you are ready for a new tub, then here are a few tips to consider and a few pictures to use as inspiration.

bathtub clawfoot

What kind of tub you will buy will depend on more factors than just the aesthetics. If you are remodeling your bathroom, you will most likely be limited by your existing bathroom and it’s lay out:

  • How much room do you have will limit you in size and where the drain will be located.
  • What kinds of surrounds are you looking for? Shower doors? Walls?

How will you use the tub?

Soaker tubs are great for sitting and enjoying. They need more water so you’ll need to consider the size of your water heater.
Go ahead and lie down in a tub before purchasing to make sure it feels comfortable.

Choosing the right material for a tub depends  on how frequently it will be used and your personal style preferences. Consult the chart below to learn about some of the more commonly used options.

Bathtub Material Guide

bathtub material guide

Can your floors carry the tub?

Does that sound silly? Plastic tubs can weigh as little as 50 lbs while a cast iron tub can weigh a 1000lbs. Don’t forget the weight of the water and the person in the tub. Your floors may need to be reinforced.


 2015 Bathtub Trend: Free standing tub

I have seen a decreasing amount of tubs in the master bathrooms over the last few years. If folks do decide to include a tub, the trend is to have a free standing tub. This creates a look that is sleek, modern, and beautiful.


Source: ideabathroom.com


Source: ideabathroom.com

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