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10 Tips For an Easy Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Susanna Haynie on March 29, 2016
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Bathroom remodelBathroom Remodel

Next to the kitchen an updated bathroom makes a big impact on [your future] buyers when they see your home. There are many ways you can update and improve this important asset(s) in your house. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Add new cabinet hardware and matching accessories like towel holders and metal outlet covers.
  2. Keep an eye out for sales on nice plumbing fixtures while you are at it see if you see some new light fixtures as well. This is taking care of half the bathroom (sort of) right there.
  3. Consider replacing the counter tops – a simple tile counter top is fairly easy to install and makes a splash.
  4. Instead of replacing the old tub, see if you can get it refinished or repainted. There are companies out there specializing in refinishing tubs and the result is quite amazing.
  5. Refresh your floors. If your wooden floors are very worn down you can try and paint them or maybe even give them a couple coats of tungoil. Did you know, you can paint easily over linoleum floors? Find great How To DIY instructions on this blog or you simply use some really nice vinyl tiles.
  6. Add a backsplash or accents with glass tiles.
  7. Paint Cabinets
  8. Paint bathroom walls.
  9. Add a framed mirror. If you don’t want to remove a large mirror, you can simply frame it with trim or possibly with small tile and get a wonderfully updated look.
  10. Add wall accents with pallet wood or wainscoting

If your bathroom is in disrepair:

The sub-floor is damaged. Is the floor rotted or does it sink when you walk on it? If so, you may have damage due to a slow water leak. Don’t wait to get this repaired, it  cost you more in the long run as water damage can be tremendously expensive, particularly if it is in the walls or floors where you can’t easily see the damage or repair it.

There is mold on the walls. Those dark black splotches stand out. Make sure to clean the mold from all bathroom surfaces. There are grout repair products that can be applied to grout lines to make them white again that are quite economical to purchase. A good clean bathroom is one of the biggest assets of your home.

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