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Accreditation and Ratings Of Colorado School Districts 2012 [updated now for 2014]

Posted by Susanna Haynie on December 18, 2012

Colorado Springs School Ratings 2012Mid November the accreditation and ratings of Colorado school districts for the year 2012 have been published. I have taken the Colorado Springs area districts and displayed the results below. A great website for further research in regards to Colorado schools is Schoolview.org by the Colorado Department of Education . The site is very well done with a huge amount of information. Take a look at the growth model data display  on the site. You can choose only one school district or several and compare data –  visually! That’s the interesting part, all data is displayed not in numbers but in a graph. You can compare  certain schools, a grade, subject and other factors that are of interest to you. Try it out!

  • AWD – Accreditation with Distinction; These districts meet or exceed statewide performance indicators.
  • Acc   – Accredited; Districts that meet statewide performance indicators.
  • AWI  – Accredited with Improvement, meaning they must complete a plan to improve but those plans aren’t subject to approval by the Colorado
  • AWPI – Accredited with prior Improvement; Districts that must file improvement plans for CDE review and approval.
  • AWT  – Accredited with Turnaround. Lowest rating, must also file improvement plans for CDE review an approval


This list of ratings came out 3 years ago. If you’d like to see how things have changed then find 2 more years of date buried in the overwhelming amount of resources of the Colorado Dept. or Education. The latest results available are up to 2014.  Go directly to the stat’s page . Take me straight to the interactive data/results page of Colorado – if you are a bit of a data geek like me you’ll enjoy this one as well.

I am also thrilled to see that the Dept. of Education in Colorado has discovered Twitter and is using this medium very well. Recently @coeddept in cooperation with @edinitiativeco had a twitter [party] chat: #edcolochat This might be a great way to exchange ideas with others, ask questions and get answers. KUDOS, Colorado Dept of Education!Updated School Stats Colorado

Rating system:

  • % points: Point ratings –  Elementary and middle schools are judged by:
    • Academic achievement – 25 possible points
    • Academic growth – 50 possible points
    • Academic growth gaps – 25 possible points

    For high schools, the mix is slightly different:

    • Academic achievement – 15 points
    • Academic growth – 35 points
    • Academic growth gaps – 15 points
    • Postsecondary and workforce readiness – 35 points

    (%Points for the year 2014 below in [ ] )

School  District                        Place(out of 151)  Acc Rating            % points         #Students

Cheyenne Mountain 12           6th                       AWD                                 88.1 % [89.3%]         4,481

Lewis Palmer 38                       10th                     AWD                               85.1%   [ 87.7%]        5,814

Academy 20                              12th                     AWD                               83.3%  [85.4% ]      23,289

Manitou Springs 14                 43rd                     ACC                                  73.5%  [ 77.3%]          1,471

PEYTON 23                                51st                      ACC                                72.5%    [74% ]          631

FALCON 49                                58th                     ACC                                71.1%  [ 70.4%]      14,704

FOUNTAIN 8                             86th                     ACC                                 68.2%   [ 70.2%]        7,402

WIDEFIELD 3                           119th                    AWI                               61.6%    [58.9% ]        8,793

HARRISON 2                             127th                    AWI                                59.7%  [66.1% ]      10,694

Colorado Springs 11                                                                                         58%     [57.7%]


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