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2020 Holiday Décor Trends

Posted by Sarah Steen on December 4, 2020
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graphic of Christmas decorations with "Holiday Décor Trends" caption

The theme for this year’s holiday home décor trend: WHY NOT? We’ve spent the majority of the last year enduring the pandemic, so this holiday season is all about doing what makes you feel good.  It’s possible that many of us will be celebrating without our loved ones so we can see why some of the biggest holiday décor trends this year are focused on comfort and coziness.

It’s important to remember:

  • You don’t HAVE to do anything
  • ANYTHING goes

The pandemic is restricting us to our homes and changing how we live our lives, but it has also given us the opportunity to release some of the old standards and timelines. We saw lots of exterior Christmas decorations go up the day after Halloween here in Colorado Springs.


  • The holiday styles listed below are not necessarily separate but can flow well with each other.
  • Make it modern by selecting a main color with accents. Or even keep it in one color shade with only few color highlights.
  • Be bold and mix whatever makes you happy.

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Rustic Lodge Christmas Décor

Think of a ski lodge or cozy cabin. The dominating colors are very traditional with contrasting but complementary holiday colors: green, black and red, with many natural décor items. This style includes lots of natural materials, evergreens and berries, as well as snow and mountain antiques.

  • Black and red plaid patterns and green wreaths will bring a special charm.
  • The classic red truck or station wagon with the tree on top gives a special vintage touch. This style has been around for years but has taken center stage in 2020.
  • Consider displaying a stylized deer head on your wall. Trust us: it will look good.
picture of throw pillows with Christmas theme

Source: Pottery Barn

picture of entryway with bench, Christmas decorations and antique snowshoes

Source: Happy Housie


Alpine Lux Christmas Décor

This trend starts with mountain coziness and borrows luxury features from Hollywood glam. Mix and match the various textures to give you the right feel for the holiday.

  • Faux fur or teddy fabric blankets draped over your bed corner or your couch to curl up with on snowy days.
  • Gold and silver ornaments and decorations on your tree or mantel.
  • Lots of glass and white, muted or pastel colors in your décor.
  • White twinkle lights are key here.
picture of mantle decorated for Christmas with white wreath and white mini trees

Source: Pottery Barn

picture of mantle decorated for Christmas with white Christmas stockings

Source: Pottery Barn

Nostalgic Christmas Décor

Many people recreate the simpler and happy times of their childhood through their holiday décor. This nostalgic trend has been stronger than ever this year. COVID has changed so much in our lives that creating a familiar space can feel nurturing during these turbulent times.

  • You can feature a more modern color scheme mixed with your nostalgia items, or make it a super colorful Christmas.
  • Display your Christmas family heirlooms.
  • The nostalgic trend easily mixes with other décor like rustic lodge or farmhouse. Bring it into 2020 with new components like this year’s super popular gnomes.
  • Bring out your vintage ornaments and maybe even some tinsel.
  • Add cozy blankets and wall pictures with older prints.
  • Mix lots of poinsettias into your greenery.
  • Break out the retro Christmas stockings!
  • If you have ever had a Christmas decoration that seemed borderline tacky, then THIS is the year to bring it out!  If it looks like it could go on the set of The Christmas Story, then it probably falls into this décor category.
picture of mantel decorated for Christmas with red stockings and poinsettias

Source: Pottery Barn


picture of Christmas tree decorated with red accents

Source: Pottery Barn

Farmhouse Christmas Décor

Farmhouse design has been a dominating architectural style in the past few years.  Home builders offer farmhouse exterior elevation options with wide plank siding, big front porches, and farmhouse light fixtures. Colorado Springs even has a neighborhood called The Farm that was named after the old horse farm originally located on this huge property. This trend will usually overlap with other styles like rustic and nostalgia.

  • Red and black are the main colors for this style. Give it a 2020 update with natural creams and browns.
  • Utilize burlap, natural wood, baskets and garlands.

Scandinavian/Minimalist Christmas Décor

If you’d like a less cluttered look in your home this holiday season try out a minimalist décor style. This style is simple with clean lines.

  • Think about fewer, well placed décor items to help them stand out.
  • Monochrome is a must.
  • If you feel more Nordic, incorporate natural materials with white, cream and wood playing into a light grey color scheme.
  • Less is more.
picture of dining room decorated for Christmas with tree and white stars

Source: One Kindesign

picture of minimalist Christmas tree created by arranging branches on a wall

Source: Domino

A lot has changed this year: not just how we work and go to school but also how we live. Priorities in the home have shifted with how we utilize our spaces. From where in the home we get a quiet moment, to where we can gather and how we use our outdoor space. Change can be good and provide new perspectives. There are many things we previously took for granted that we have come to appreciate so much more: being with other people and enjoying their company or simply being healthy.  We hope that you are happy, healthy, cozy and safe somewhere on a couch with a hot chocolate. Here’s to a brighter and happier 2021.

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