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2017 Home Design Trends

Posted by Susanna Haynie on March 7, 2017

If you’re like me, you probably love to watch home shows on tv that highlight celebrity designers and flippers as they transform old, dilapidated homes into a stunning space any of us would envy.  Those inspiring shows coupled with the approach of Spring summons many of us to take a look at our personal spaces and wonder what we can do to give our home a bit of freshness.

With that in mind, I set out to put together some of the top home design trends that I see for 2017. May this inspire as you ponder ways to add a little excitement to your home, or are planning a remodel or new build.


As we look at some of the individual designs and colors, they can all be summed up into one general idea….experiential design.

From layout to materials to color and patterns, there is a big push toward the experience of a space. In other words, how the design tantalizes your touch, sight, and emotions.

A variety of textures such as velvet and wood, to bold colors contrasted with pastels, add dimension to a room. Shiny gold and brass metals mixed with matte elements offer an intriguing and conflicting feel that, yet, seem to work. Tasteful artisanal pieces married with minimalistic design evoke and demand a sense of awe.

When you walk into a room, the goal is to engage your senses. To sit and run your fingers along the riveted edges of a chair or to be drawn by natural elements that summon you to a place of rest and rejuvenation.


If you research home design trends, you will find a broad range of opinions of what is in demand. Honestly, it comes down to personal style; however, several elements seem to be recurring in popularity within Pinterest, tv shows, and on design websites. I’ve picked out the top 10 that stood out to me:

  1. RAW WHITE.  No matter where I looked, white was everywhere! Stick with the weathered or natural whites, such as a chalky or bone white. It is so versatile, and with the availability of non-staining fabrics, white is much more practical than in years’ past. White gives the look and feel of openness, freshness, cleanliness, and comfort. It can be incorporated into any design style, making it one of the most adaptable elements. Change out pillows or other accent colors to create any look or feel that suits you.
    home design trend subway tile

    This bathroom is on-point with several current design trends incorporated in this small space.

  2. SUBWAY TILES. Ok, so this doesn’t seem new, but the demand for subway tiles in home features is so popular that the use of these tiles is an established design element. To make it fresh, use a matte (vs. polished) tile or accent the white tile with a dark grout as in the photo above.
  3. COLOR OF THE YEAR: GREENERY.  Revitalization, newness, change, vibrant – these are all words used to describe the color of the year. A first reaction may conjure up images of Kermit the Frog, however, no fear, well-placed elements of GREENERY are quite attractive and refreshing.
    2017 pantone color of the year. Greenery

    Courtesy Elledecor.com

  4. MIXED AND MISMATCHED PATTERNS. This is one of my favorite trends. Some of the patterns coming out utilize muted colors or combining vintage patterns for a lovely piece. The best example of this can be found in Tracy Porter’s designs for home.
    Tracey Porter Florabella Poetic Wanderlust

    Tracey Porter Florabella

  5.  VINTAGE FINDS OR ARTISANAL ELEMENTS VS. DIY. The days of upcycling and DIY are moving on – unless you’re VERY good at what you do. Instead, searching auctions, flea markets, and stores for vintage, “investment” furniture is making a big comeback. Many are also maintaining the original integrity of the piece over “upcycling.” Plucking down a few extra dollars to pay a local artisan to make quality, well-made furniture and accessories is another trend gaining momentum. It’s safe to say that since investing in top-quality pieces is a priority, we will see the current styling of these home components continue to be incorporated into future designs.

    A palette of wood, concrete, and painted brick forms a neutral backdrop for Kathryn Tyler’s vintage treasures, including a $30 dining table, $3 poster, and a set of 1950s Carl Jacobs Jason chairs she snagged on eBay for $400. DWELL.COM

  6. JEWEL TONES (Mixed with pastels).  In lining up with the Color of the Year, we will see jewel tones throughout many aspects of the home. From deep purple or green accent pillows, bold wall colors, contrasting cabinets, and colorful fabrics. Utilize these colors sparingly to avoid a “heavy” look. Jewel tones need to be mixed with light neutrals so that they do not overpower a room. Moreover, Navy has made its return as the new black.  Navy cabinets with light color walls and countertops are all the rage. A recent episode of “Flip or Flop” experimented with dark navy cabinets and the result of their transformation was beautiful. Below is an example of a similar idea to the one featured on the show.
    home design trend navy cabinets

    Navy cabinets offer an attractive contrast to this otherwise neutral room. HouseBeautiful.com

  7. WATERCOLOR. Over the last several months, a wave of popularity for watercolor in everything seems to be gaining momentum. Look for it in graphic design, cards, art, and even home wall colors. Take at look at this painted wall starting with the dark jewel tones and muting into a lovely pastel. 
    watercolor wall decor

    Hiring a local artist/muralist is a great way to bring in a unique and up-to-date look to your home. (See below for a Colorado Springs recommendation.)

  8. WARM METALS.  Out are brushed metal fixtures. In are gold, brass, and copper metal elements. Hopefully, the tired brass fixtures of the 90s will stay buried, however, a hammered copper tub or sink or a patina metal framing a glass pane can bring a modern and elegant look to otherwise vintage or farmhouse styling. A marriage of time-periods and style elements allows for the creativity of each homeowner.marble and brass home design trend
  9. MATTE APPLIANCES. Shiny stainless steel appliances are quickly losing their appeal in favor of built-in matte items. Think smudge-proof slate gray or stealth Knight-Rider black.matte appliances home design trends
  10. MARBLE. Wallpaper, countertops, apparel, paper goods. Marble styling is HOT right now. Think rich and lux. However, partnered with the other trends of wood and greenery, it adds an interesting appeal to a home.

This certainly isn’t a complete list of the emerging home design trends. Natural woods, indoor vines, unusual textures, smart homes, heated flooring are all additional trends you will see gaining popularity. Have you seen any other trends that you like?

What elements listed here do you like most? Share with us how you would incorporate any of these styles in your home!


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