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2013 BAH Rates For Military Families Published

Posted by Susanna Haynie on December 18, 2012
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bah rates 2013

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Colorado Springs is a military community so the new years’ BAH rates are always anxiously awaited.  In most cases the rates went up by 3%. Know, though, that if you live in an area where the rates have gone down, the new rates only apply to incoming personnel.

Otherwise In Colorado Springs the new rates look as follows:

without dependents               with dependents

E1 – E4   =              $1227                                   $921

E5                           1350                                    1032

E6                           1527                                    1126

E7                           1554                                    1236

O1                          1371                                    1104

O2                          1524                                    1308

O3                          1602                                    1464

W1                          1530                                    1182

W2                          1566                                    1383

If you can’t find your pay grade above check this link

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