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17 Facts About Moving In The US

Posted by Susanna Haynie on February 15, 2014
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Facts about movingDid you know that we have a 5th season in Colorado Springs? It’s moving season.

Most folks move here or away from here because of the military in one way or the other. That’s why Colorado Springs’ real estate buying and selling cycle is closely connected to this big employer. If you are getting ready to move – this might get you started and into a ‘moving mindset.’ (these facts below are from 2012)

Here are some highlights from the current/latest geographical mobility report 2017:

  • The Northeast had the lowest mover rate among regions (7.8 percent), followed by the Midwest (11.0 percent), South (12.8 percent) and West (13.4 percent).
  • The single-race black population had the highest mover rate (15.0 percent) among race and ethnic groups, followed by Hispanics (13.9 percent), single-race Asians (12.6 percent) and single-race whites who were not Hispanic (10.3 percent).
  • Between 2012 and 2013, 18.9 percent of the unemployed (age 16 and older) moved, compared with 11.9 percent of employed civilians and 8.9 percent of people not in the labor force.
  • The most common reasons for moving were housing-related (48.0 percent). Family-related and employment-related reasons followed, at 30.3 percent and 19.4 percent, respectively.
  • People living below the poverty threshold were more transient than the nation as a whole, as 20.5 percent moved in the last year.
  • Families with a householder between 15 and 54 were most likely to move if they lived with their own child under 6. Among these families, 20.5 percent of families with just children under 6 moved, and 14.4 percent with a mix of children under 6 and between 6 and 17 moved in the last year.

Infographic FACTS

  1. Most popular state to move out of is California.
  2. The average weight of belongings moved by moving companies in 2012 was 7,256.9lbs – to give you a mental picture, that’s like moving 6.5 Thoroughbred horses (as one Thoroughbred horse breed weighs around 1,100 lbs.
  3. Most popular load day is Friday.
  4. Most popular month to move is August.
  5. Most popular moving day in 2012 was August 1st.
  6. The total weight of long distance moves throughout the US 333,672lbs in 2012.
  7. Most popular cities to move to: Chicago, Austin, Houston.
  8. Top 5 reasons to move: (data from 2013):
    • 15% wanted a better home
    • 10.4%Wanted to establish a home
    • 9% Got a new job or transfer
    • 8.3% wanted cheaper housing
    • 5.8% Wanted to own and not rent
  9. Top cities people move out of: Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas
    (interestingly Houston and Chicago are also the most popular cities to move to….)
  10. Least popular month to move is February.
  11. Day with the fewest moves is Sunday.
  12. The day in 2012 with the fewest moves was 1/1/2012.
  13. The average distance moved: 1,184miles (though one large moving company totaled 54,419,368 moving miles in 2012.
  14. What seasons do people move:
    • Summer 32%
    • Spring 25%
    • Fall 24%
    • Winter 19%
  15. One moving company’s longest (driving) move was 4,163miles from Tucson, AZ to Saint John in New Foundland.
  16. Most popular state to move to is Florida.

==>Should you hire a mover or move yourself?

I have moved many times in my life – if you have any questions in regards to moving or about real estate in Colorado Springs, give me a call (or text) 719-321-0800 or email me at susanna@co-regroup.com