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12 Reasons to Hire CORE Group

Posted by Sarah Steen on December 19, 2018
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Colorado Real Esate Group logo with caption: 12 reasons to hire us


1. Local Expertise

Would you like to be in the hands of a company who knows the details of what it’s like to live in Colorado Springs? We strive to have detailed local knowledge and we share it with you. What’s coming up? What’s planned? How are home values affected? Why? These are all questions that need to be answered before you are pricing a home to sell, or investing in a property.


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2. We are Locally Invested

Being local also means that CORE and their agents are a part of this community. We live here, and we invest time and money to help make this city a great place to live. This will all bring new talent to Colorado Springs and keep our economy strong and growing.


3. Full-Time Service

When you work with us, you have at least one full-time expert with many years of experience and a strong set of skills and values. Any transaction will be done properly, efficiently, and to the benefit of our clients.


4. We Know Technology

Real estate today would be unimaginable without technology. From online listings and marketing, to the lock boxes on the seller’s front door that capture every visitor and the duration of their stay. Technology certainly gives you the edge in marketing, but it also keeps you safe and helps ensure smooth transactions. We work with over 50 apps and programs to make your transaction as smooth as possible from start to finish.


5. Personal Touch

Though we rely heavily on technology to get your home sold, we believe that personal communication is key. We will pick up the phone, visit, or meet with you as often as wanted or needed. Face to face communication is still the gold standard.


6. Our Roots are Broad

One reason that our CORE agents can relate deeply to almost anyone is because we are international and come from all walks of life. We are so extremely proud and lucky to have multiple nationalities, backgrounds, and professions in our company.


7. Military: We know what it’s like

We speak your language. Several CORE members have a connection to the military, either as a former active duty member or as a military spouse. When you have to PCS, we understand the process and the challenges you face.


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8. We Go Above and Beyond

Do you want your real estate team to be willing to go above and beyond just putting the house on the market? We have you covered. Do you need someone to meet a contractor at the home? Are you out of town and need someone to go by your house and check on it? It happens all the time and we are happy to do it! Count on us. We are all one team.


9. The Sale is not the End

If you’d like to count on us even when the sale is done, we are your kind of real estate company! We stay in touch with our clients long after a transaction closes and we still answer questions (or become friends!). It’s not unusual and we like it that way.


10. You are More Important than the Bottom Line

Double ending a transaction (when one agent represents the selling and buying sides of the same property) sounds like real estate agent nirvana. However, a REALTOR® in the state of Colorado who assists both sides in the transaction can only be a transaction broker. Therefore, they cannot advise or make recommendations. This often leaves both parties with a bad taste after the transaction. With few exceptions, we will not double end deals so that we can therefore maintain the advisory and fiduciary position with our clients. This choice helps us retain our clients’ trust that we are there for them exclusively.


11. We believe in Abundance and Gratitude

CORE Group, LLC is deeply invested in the principles of a program called Ninja Selling. Ninja Selling is based on a belief in abundance, the power of focused energy and synergy with others, as well as the power of gratitude.


12. We are Team Oriented

We don’t always work in teams, but if one agent feels more comfortable partnering with a more experienced agent, then we can accommodate this. When you work with us, you will not just get one agent, but essentially the whole company. We champion support and collaborate over the usual cut-throat competitiveness in the real estate business.


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