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Real Estate That Makes You Chuckle – Instagram Favorites

Posted by Susanna Haynie on December 28, 2017
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Funny Real EstateI show a lot of houses, and every once in a while what I see makes me smile …or laugh out loud. Interesting to see what works for some folks and especially when I go into older homes that have almost  perfectly preserved a certain decade of home decorating. I have been seeing a lot of 70’s but more and more I see funky early 80’s homes.  Especially showing custom homes in Black Forest, Woodmoor and Palmer Lake or down here in the Broadmoor area.

But it’s not just photos but also the covenants that belong to a certain area. I recently came across recorded covenants of the Broadmoor area for a home that one of my home buyers purchased, where it was made clear that (in 1949!!!!)  houses being built needed to be at least $10,000, and no swine were allowed as well.

The following  17 examples I had posted on my Instagram (please follow me!) are in no particular order:

  1. If you need to build a foundation and you happen to have to get rid of and re-use some tires, why not be creative and used them in the foundation of your new, oversized garage ? Oh…and while you are at it use the empty beercans from last night as well. Trash problem solved. And yes, I remember this home. We were in the mountains of Colorado looking for a great home for my home buyers coming from Ohio. This seemed like the perfect intro to Colorado Mountain living. That is, right after the buyer’s wife recovered from breaking through one of the wood deck boards that had rotted.


Nothing more sturdy than rubber and beer cans mixed with concrete to support a huge garage #realestate #realestateadventures

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2.  This home was a very cute, last century home in the Old North End in Colorado Springs. These homes usually have interesting features as homes have been “improved”, expanded and otherwise changed. This basement struck me as particularly funny probably because the toilet was next to the fridge.  My home buyers ended up buying this home and have renovated many parts of the home.


Fridge, sink, toilet …all you need right? #showinghomes w @sturgill_j_tenderfoot @trish_functional #keepingit100 #momentsinCOSlife

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3. This was a bankowned home, in the mountains and for the same buyers looking to purchase a mountain house as in image no. 1.  It looked as if it had a lot of interesting “DIY home built” features such as the installation of the cabinet right  THERE when the door opens toward the cabinet.


??? Something just ain’t right?! ! Lol #realestate

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4.  I am not sure how you cannot have very crazy dreams or just simply stay in the room with this kind of wall paper. This was one of those  mid 70’s/beginning 80’s timewarp homes, unique layout, high above Skyway, original carpet (yum) and appliances.



5. What can you say? It might look funny, but how many of you take their cell phone to the loo?



6.  If you really love cows then this is what you do.


Happy Birthday ‘Merica. @goldhillmesa . . . . #independenceday #july4th #4thofjuly #freedom #America #unitedstatesofamerica

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7. As you will see in a later photo, I have seen duvets matching wallpaper, matching drapes…..matching the ceiling is a first. But really nothing surprises me on the west side or in the old part of town.



8. Also a westside house. Since those homes are usually older, the garages are older as well, and with that not up to par with the new trucksizes. So what do you do if you REALLY want that truck and you REALLY want it to fit into the garage? You become creative, such as this owner! Just trim the drywall a little.



9.  This also was seen in a century home, I showed. Seemed to be an easy enough fix for a new door. Interesting trim work.


It’s just gotta fit. . . . . #door #doors #olddoors #oldhomes #oldnorthend #oldcoloradocity #centuryhomes

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10. The house was actually really cool, but wall paper that looked like giftwrap from the 80’s was really odd.


11. This was a high-end bankowned house. Obviously, the caretakers of the bank/brokers had been here in a while to clean up the bird poop that had accumulated at the front door. However, though it had cosmetic mistakes it was a nice house.


12. Showed this house wayyyy out in the Black Forest area. House needed a good paint job and an even better flooring job. Especially when I saw the faux-grass in the kids room…or was it the putting room?

#showinghomes in Black Forest today and seeing #thisisafirst : #turfgrass in a bedroom maybe a #golfer? #coloradosprings #realestate

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13. So here you have it, curtains, duvet, wallpaper all match. That apparently was the thing in the 70’s to do. Never ceases to amaze me.


14. Kinda said that thse pictures do not convey the impression this basement gave you. The owners certainly have put a lot of work into the basement, and I am sure were very proud of their project, however, this will have your home sit on the market just a little bit longer.


15. Vintage Star Wars wall paper. Not sure if I was impressed by this or just taken aback by the choice of this original late 70’s wallpaper choice.


16. Yes, this staging item in the masterbedroom left me wondering…?

17.  I saw this item in a garage of a home I was showing. Little did I know this is where He stores his furniture.

Found this stored in a garage in a house for sale #realestate #showinghomes

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